USBP3 Test Cable Kit


Product Description

Please order the USBPv3 from Mobile Solutions USA

The USBP3 lets you take electrical measurements of an audio signal using a USB port on your computer. (If you have an external sound card you plan to use, get the XLRP PRO instead).

The USBP3 is an USB-to-meter probe kit.

You get:

  • Genuine Fluke meter probes with retractable tips
  • Genuine Fluke backshell probe extensions and alligator-clip probe ends
  • Neutrik touring-quality XLR connector
  • USB-to-XLR sound-card cable (not pictured)
  • XLR -to-RCA adapter for testing outputs of equalizers
  • XLR inline attenuator for higher-voltage amplifier output testing
  • Fluke Velcro cable wraps
  • Ballistic nylon zipper case

Works with many audio analyzer applications:

  • True RTA
  • Fuzzmeasure
  • REW (NOTE – Sound Card Cable is NOT capable of latency calibration – for impulse measurements, we recommend the XLRP Pro and your external sound card with XLR inputs)
  • More

Please order the USBPv3 from Mobile Solutions USA



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